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March 01, 2022

Will A Home Security System Work In Charlotte?

If you’re like most residents, you need your property to be secure at all times. but, will a home security system work in Charlotte?

The simple answer: yes. But, how do you get the most from your alarm system? Not only will the alarms and sensors bring superior security, the modern devices offer a level of convenience and control you might not have thought possible. By using home automation, surveillance, and easy-to-use tools through a smartphone app, you can have a safe smart house.

Let's pause a second and learn why a home security system from Secure24 Alarm Systems is a great recommendation for your house.

Indispensable Home Security Features

To know your Charlotte home security system works to its potential, you need these necessary home security features:

  • Entryway sensors: You may find this surprising, but plenty of thieves enter your house through your front door. The other most common entry points are backyard doors and ground-levelfirst-floor windows. For these practices, door and window sensors are designated the bedrock of your home security system. When the alarm is activated and your sensors are triggered, the unmistakable, high-decibel siren will ring and your 24-hour monitoring agents will be contacted.

  • Touchscreen central hub: Get rid of those confusing code pads, as state-of-the-art smart screens now arm and disarm your system. These touch screens will also direct your home automation, security cameras, and monitoring.

  • smartphone app: The topmost home security allow you manage every aspect of your security system through your security app. Now if a sensor or alarm trips, you will get a pop-up text to your phone. Also, arm and disarm your alarms anywhere, program smart locks, arise and lower the thermostat and more.

  • ADT yard signs and window decals: While there is no technology in an ADT sign or a window sticker, they can alert a would-be intruder that your home is protected.

But Does A Home Security System Lessen Your Chance Of A Intrusion?

While it could feel like an exaggeration to install alarms and download a smartphone app when you already use deadbolts and chose a safe area, the studies support the notion that home security systems can still protect your house. For example, a paper from Rutger University concludes that many intruders will actively steer clear of houses with a security system installed. They will then go and break-into an easier home that is unprotected.

That backs up with statistics from the National Council For Home Safety and Security. They state that most burglarized homes do not have a home security. With numbers, unprotected homes are 300% more likely to be vandalized than properties that are secured. And while displaying that your house have an alarm helps discourage forceful entry, other items -- like smart lights and a doorbell security cameras -- can also help discourage thieves.

Of course, state-of-the-art security systems can perform more than ring an alarm. Today you have some needed components and services that make a home security safe and secure.

24-hour Monitoring Is A Priemer Backup Plan

Does a alarm system work in Charlotte when they don’t have 24-hour monitoring? Relying on a constant vigilance is always the winning bet and 24/7 monitoring from trained professionals can make sure the police or fire come quickly after a tripped sensor.

Monitoring professionals will secure your home no matter what time it is -- whether you are in the house or not. If you’re not on site to hear the siren, the monitoring agents notify you and the emergency agency after a tripped component. Even when you’re in the house, you can make sure kids and animal are all wrangled up.

Install The Same Monitored Services For Fire, Flood, CO, and Emergency Medical Assistance

When you order your home security system, you can choose to cover much more than security alarms. components like fire alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, and flood sensors can be integrated into your overall set-up. If an disaster is detected, your components will act just like your home security alarms. And when the high-decibel bell rings, your round-the-clock monitoring agents are notified, and an alert will be sent to your smartphone.

You can even use a panic button, which is effortlessly pinned to you or a loved one through a lanyard, bracelet, or a clothing clip. If you have a fall risk or a medical risk, they can employ a two-finger button to call your monitoring agent.

Get Safety, Responsiveness And Energy Savings With Home Automation

The best home automation components bring you a tier of management and convenience you’ve never had before. They can make your house more energy-savvy and reactive. And when you link smart devices to your home security system, they can also make your house that much safer. For instance:

  • Schedule your smart lights to make it seem that your house is inhabited when you’re at work.

  • Have your inside smart bulbs illuminate whenever your doorbell camera senses sudden motion.

  • Use geofencing to secure your smart locks, flip off your smart lights, and turn down the temperature when you go to work.

  • Make customized scenes where you can set your lights, smart thermostat, sensors, and other components with one tap of a button.

  • Or just check up all your components and control your devices through your security app.

Add that to the energy you’ll conserve with home automation, and you’ll realize how much you need a smart home security system in Charlotte. You can even control your components with your voice when you connect your security system to your Echo or Google Home.

Maintain A View On Your Property With Smart Video Surveillance

Signs, decals, and smart lights are effective intrusion disincentives, but smart cameras can take your protection to another level. The last thing a thief is looking for is to be caught on camera as the footage might be leveraged against them in a criminal case. You can install outside, inside, and doorbell cameras, all which allow you to see live feeds round-the-clock.

Do you need to see what’s the noise you heard in the back yard? Would you like to greet the kids after school? Has a groceries been delivered yet? All you need to do is to pull up the clip from your mobile app. You could also receive alerts on your smartphone whenever a visitor rings the doorbell or the camera detects abnormal motion. Then chat with who’s there with the 2-way talk feature on the app.

How To Custom-Build Your Home Security System In Charlotte?

Want help in customizing a home security system that works in Charlotte? Our ADT agents can custom-build the perfect alarms, automation, and cameras that can be incorporated into one affordable plan. Contact us right now at (704) 980-0988 or complete the form below.