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Make Every Second Matter With Your Charlotte Smoke Detector

Upgrade your old fire alarms to a Charlotte smoke detector connected to ADT monitoring. These state-of-the-art alarms sense both heat and smoke and respond to the first indication of fire. Then, if a sensor triggers, it instantly warns you and your round-the-clock monitoring facility so your family can find a safe location before the fire department gets to your home.


Why Get A Monitored Smoke Detector In Charlotte?

Smoke detector in Charlotte.

When compared to other smoke alarms, ADT monitored fire detectors may have the most sensitive detection and the most rapid response time. Here’s how they do it:
  • Fine-tuned sensors for smoke and heat: Standard smoke alarms can detect excessive smoke. Your ADT-monitored fire alarms can sense smoke and heat to notify you of a fire earlier.

  • Loud alarm you can hear throughout your home: If your alarm detects smoke or high heat, your security system will notify the entire house with a high-decibel alarm so you can escape to safety.

  • Phone messages for when you’re gone: If your Charlotte smoke alarms sense smoke, you’ll also find a message on your mobile device. Now you’ll know when your family is at risk if you’re at work, running errands, or out of town.
  • Quick response time from ADT monitoring: Your alarms will also notify your ADT monitoring center. They’ll quickly contact emergency services while you get your family and pets to somewhere safe.

Your Charlotte Smoke Alarms Work Better When Connected ToYour Home Security System

Charlotte command center
The strongest fire protection comes when you pair your Charlotte smoke alarms to your residential security system that comes with ADT monitoring. You not only get the immediate response from your nearest ADT monitoring center, but you can also set automated actions with your interconnected devices. Here are just some things that are possible when you fully integrate fire protection to your ADT security system:
  • Automatically unlock your smart locks for firefighting personnel.

  • Remotely shut down your ceiling fan with your smart thermostat to hinder the spread of fire.

  • Have emergency notifications delivered to your phone if smoke or fire is sensed.

  • Stay in continuous contact with ADT monitoring through the ADT Control app.

Monitored Security And Fire Protection Starts With A Complimentary Quote

For your home’s fire response, every second counts. The first step in replacing your Charlotte smoke detectors is to contact Secure24 Alarm Systems We’ll walk you through all your needs and help you determine the right security bundle with fire protection. With next day installs offered in many areas of Charlotte, now is the time to call (704) 980-0988 or complete the form below.