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November 11, 2021

Will Home Security Signs Deter Intrusion In Charlotte?

There's a general idea that installing security yard sign next to your front door is all that is needed to ward off criminals. Essentially, a burglar is supposed to view visible warning and go on past. So why not just have a home security sign in Charlotte and not worry about an actual home security system? Basically, a security system isn’t needed, you just need a home security sign in Charlotte. It’s the home security sign that deters intrusion in Charlotte not your home security system.

While there is a benefit to showing off signage from esteemed residential security experts such as ADT®, it isn't enough to turn away all burglars. Instead, you're better off reinforcing them with a range of additional security components. You’ll probably agree it’s a safer alternative than taking the chance that your home security signs will deter intrusion in Charlotte.

Layering Your Protection Is A Smart Approach

A layered defense is a smart strategy for keeping your home safe. A comprehensive residential security package might consist of window and door sensors, surveillance systems, doorbell cameras, motion-activated lighting, and smart locking systems. Your signage warns potential intruders that these layers are present but they will only be a single aspect of a well-rounded system.

Signs and decals could be all it takes to ward off a first-time intruder in Charlotte, but a single sign in your mulch bed will not keep away a seasoned thief. If there aren’t other security measures, they may conclude the signage is a fake and your property is a suitable target.

Legitimize Your Charlotte Home Security Signs With Actual Protection

While home security signs could deter intrusion some of the time, it’s not wise to depend on them as your lone security measure. Instead, consider incorporating some, if not all of these devices:

● Video cameras: Let's face it, intruders never wish to be captured by surveillance as it can be critical evidence in a legal matter. Consider exterior surveillance that covers primary entry points including front and back doors, garage, and windows.

● Sensors for access points: The majority of invaders break into your home through your front door, back door, and windows, so you need to have them protected by detection equipment like motion and glass break sensors. When a sensor is activated, your system will alert you and your 24.7 monitoring team.

● Exterior motion-sensor lights: While it’s true that a great deal of break-ins take place in broad daylight when you are at work, you should also safeguard against thieves who prefer the cover of darkness. Motion-detection lighting located near your entry points will immediately highlight criminal activity and scare off intruders.

● Smart entry locks and video doorbells: Smart locking devices will update you whenever an individual tries to unlock or open your entry. A video doorbell takes it one step further by offering a live video feed. Both of these solutions can be accessed by the security app on your phone.

● Smart lighting: A great home automation tool, smart lights may be programmed for a schedule or engaged directly from your mobile device. These innovative gadgets are intended to give the impression you are present and help deter thieves.

Take The First Step Toward Your Integrated Home Defense Plan

Why run the risk that fake home security signs will deter intrusion in Charlotte when you are able to install an integrated home protection plan? Dial (704) 980-0988 or complete the contact form to get started. You may select from a range of packages at reasonably priced rates or customize your system to your needs.

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